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"Super Size"Hole Sponsor Signs - $18 Each

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Welcome to Hole Sponsor Signs. We know you are looking for terrific and affordable tee signs for your golf tournament and we have two fantastic tee sign designs to choose from. The first golf sponsor sign you can get is a golf ball shaped tee sign which has a blank spot in the middle for your sponsors name. We also carry a golf cart shaped sign. These tee signs stand out and the golf tournament sponsors will surely love seeing their name on them. We've had many satisfied customers and we hope you will give us the pleasure of providing you with your golf tournaments sponsor signage.

Customized Golf Ball Shaped Tee Sign - $18/each

Both hole sponsor signs come with a wire stake which fits firmly into the ground. Each sign also comes with a clear vinyl envelope which you can use to attach your sponsors name to the sign. Simply print the sponsor's name on a standard sheet of paper, slide it into the clear vinyl envelope, and it easily attaches to the golf tournament sign for all to see!

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This golf cart shaped tee sign is classic. It consistently impresses tournament sponsors as well as the actual players. Both signs are printed on corrugated white plastic.

It's the little things that sponsors notice, and when you show up with a nice looking and well designed sponsor sign, with their name in the middle of it, they will be thrilled and very likely to help with funding the next years tournament!